7 Signs to Know if You’re Really Falling in Love

We’ve all been there before: you spent a good few nights swiping on Tinder, finally find someone worth talking to. After some back and forth you go on a date, and then a next date, and another, and before you know it you’re asking yourself “am I falling in love with this person?”

There are a few things you can pay attention to that’ll help you answer that question. It’s not an exact science, but at least it’ll be an educated guess.

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Making an Effort

Are you actively trying to be with that person, trying to keep the room in your busy schedule so the next meet can happen? Are you taking the initiative and being proactive about seeing this person? Well, that’s probably a good sign. If you’re feeling the need to be available to someone, that person probably means a great deal to you.

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Remove Dating Profile

This is a big one: the moment you delete and remove all your dating app profiles, that’s when you know you’re completely committed to giving this new romance your all. As long as you’re trying to keep your options open and looking for alternatives, it’s probably not feeling right yet. Removing your dating app is pretty much taking yourself off the market, which you don’t do for just about anyone.

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Share Personal Stuff

This is someone you met on the internet, you’re not going to tell them all your deepest, darkest secrets right off the bat. You could, but odds are you’d just scare them away. Once you start feeling comfortable enough to share your really personal stuff, that’s when you know you’re actively invested in getting this person to know the real you.

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Make Compromises

If you’re willing to let some small things slide and make compromises here and there to keep the other person happy, that’s a good sign that things are moving in the right direction. There’s nothing harder than putting yourself in second place if you’re not sure you’re fully committed to the relationship. It’s impossible to spend a long time with someone and not compromise at least a little bit anyway, no matter how well you may think you fit together.

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Physical Stress

Stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. If being near this person or just thinking about them gives you physical stress like finding it harder to speak or sweating like a crazy person, that’s an obvious sign that this person is impacting your life in a positive way. Embrace the jitters! They’ll pass over time and you’ll miss them when they’re gone. And considering how much stress you’ll get in modern society anyway, it might be nice to really be mindful of something positive that gives you a bit of stress as well.

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You Miss Them

Wanting to be with someone is one thing, but actively missing them when they’re not around is something else entirely. If you find yourself often wondering what the other person is doing right now, it’s probably a sign that you’re ready to really commit to your time together.

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Positive Outlook

If this person makes you look more positively at the future, you’re definitely falling for them. Imagine someone having an impact on you so massive that you’re able to change your entire future perspective on the prospect of maybe being with them through all the horrible things that are guaranteed to happen. Seriously, the world didn’t magically get better – your world just did.