Not Getting His Attention On That First Date? Here’s What (And What Not) To Do!

There are many instructions floating around the web when it comes to dating, and while most of them are actually useful, the fact remains that the best first date is the one where you’re able to be yourself. Still, we can all agree that there are certain things that you should or should not do on a first date.

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Playing With Your Hair

Admittedly, this one only works if you’ve got long hair. But if you do, use that fact to your advantage. This accomplishes a few things: it gives you something to fidget with when you’re feeling a bit anxious on that first date, but it also looks simultaneously sexy and endearing. If you ever caught that memorable episode of ”Friends” featuring a guest appearance by Denise Richards, you know what we’re talking about. For the best results, do this by the seaside or a pool. That classic movie hair flip might just convince him you’re a mermaid!

Alternative: Is your hair short? No problem! Just doll it up and make it look its best. He will be dying to touch it.

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Constant Freshening Up

You might want to be careful about excusing yourself multiple times to go powder your nose. Sure, it might seem like a clever idea to check and make sure your lipstick and hair are still looking their best, but the dude isn’t going to be a mind reader. For all he knows, you’ve got a digestive problem, and that’s not exactly the kind of thing he wants to imagine!

Alternative: If you’ve done your hair and makeup the right way, there’s no reason to have to run off to the bathroom every 20 minutes to make sure you still look hot. It would also be a good idea to invest in some long-wear lipstick. The extra cost will be worth it!

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Although winking is one of those things that is associated with flirting, it is something that is more common for guys to do. So if you give your date a wink, he is most likely not to read anything into it. Of course, if you wink at him several times over the course of the evening, he will probably notice, but he’ll also wonder if you’ve got some kind of neurological condition.

Alternative: Making frequent eye contact lets them know you’ve got their full, undivided attention. It also shows that you are confident, a feature that all guys find sexy.

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Over Laughing

When a guy tells a joke that a girl finds funny, there is no greater ego booster. It also helps develop that spark that makes for a successful date. However, this doesn’t mean you ought to be laughing hysterically every single time he says something that amuses you. In particular, if you’re waiting for the silence in the conversation to start erupting in tee-hee-hees, he might question how sincere you are.

Alternative: Showing off that radiate smile is perfectly acceptable, but only laugh if he says something legitimately hilarious.

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Facebook Flirting

When it comes to getting the dirt on guys by looking through their social media accounts, girls are capable of Sherlock Holmes-level detective work. Guys, on the other hand, don’t really pay any attention to likes, comments, and all that jazz. So your strategy of getting his attention might not work out as well as you hope!

Alternative: Only look for guys on Facebook if you have mutual friends. Otherwise, you might come across as sketchy.

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Goodnight Text

After a nice evening with a guy, girls often want to be the last person who sends him a “goodnight” text before he goes to bed. Although being the last person to message him might seem important to you, he might worry that you’re the clingy type.

Alternative: Although sending him a friendly message thanking him for the nice time is a must, it’s better to wait the following day. It shows that you are not the desperate type and it gives him a chance to decide whether he’s interested in a second date. It provides a perfect opportunity for him to respond with a, “I had a good time too. I’d love to see you again.”

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Crossing And Uncrossing Your Legs

Don’t get the wrong idea. We aren’t suggesting that you pull a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct here. We’re just saying it’s not such a bad idea to switch the position of your crossed legs from time to time so that his eyes subconsciously wander to that area down below. This obviously works best if you’re wearing a dress or skirt. Showing off those attractive legs will provide a sneak preview of what he can expect if the evening is going well! There is no better way to flirt!

Alternative: If you prefer to dress more modestly or if you’re out on a date in Minnesota in the middle of winter, an effective, subtle technique that will send his heart aflutter is to make some light physical contact. A touch here on his forcep, a touch there on the shoulder. Just don’t overplay your hand and reach for the boys downstairs!