8 Things You Can Do To Grow Closer as a Couple (2 of 5)

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2. Move in together

When your partner comes over for the night, things can get pretty exciting. If they hang out with you all weekend, it can be an adventure. But what about actually living in a shared space together? Well, it becomes an entirely different experience. That’s when you really learn about each other’s domestic habits. Not used to tidying up the home on Saturdays? Well, you will quickly learn that the living room doesn’t clean itself up. But all of these changes give you a perfect chance to bond and allow the relationship to grow and improve.

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3. Decorate your place together

This is something that would happen once you’ve really settled into the relationship. Whether you moved into his/her place or visa versa, the reality is that it is now both of your homes. This means there are going to be a whole lot of changes in the living space whether it is renovating the living room or adding new furniture and decorations to the bedroom. This is a perfect opportunity to create a place that you both find welcoming and cozy. With some creativity, compromise and dedication, it will become a home that you both love, which in turn will strengthen your bond.