15 Things Our Boyfriends Do That Make Us Jealous Like Crazy

Having a significant other can be a wonderful experience. The love and beautiful nature of being with someone you love can make everything in life just seem better. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when you will feel agitated or annoyed with your significant other. No matter how much you like the person you are with, everyone will eventually start to make you feel negative emotions. And in some cases, it can even make you feel jealous. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. Whether it is intentional or not, sometimes boyfriends can just make you feel a little twinge of envy. Other times, it can feel like a full-blown jealous rage. Whatever the case, here are 15 things our boyfriends do that make us jealous like crazy.

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Texting other girls

If you are ever around your boyfriend, it can be annoying to see that he got a text from some other girl. It could be a friend, could be a family member? If you don’t recognize the name, that’s even worse!

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Bragging on a female friend

Your boyfriend may have a female friend that he is always going on and on about. This can be truly a headache, because you may wonder just how much he likes this girl.

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Excited about being away from you

Time apart is beneficial, but does he have to seem so excited about it? If your boyfriend seems so happy about being away from you, it can be a real bummer.

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Saying another girl is great

It’s nice that he may think highly of someone else. But when he calls another girl cool or great, it sounds a bit too high of a compliment. Does he think she’s cooler than you?

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Ignoring your call

This is a biggie. We all get busy throughout the day, but knowing he just hit ignore on your call or is not responding to your text can be a bit much to deal with. What could he be doing that is more important than giving you attention, right?

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Showing physical affection to other people

Now, this is the quickest way for most girls to get jealous. Being physically affectionate with other women is not something any girl wants to see from her boyfriend.

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Hanging out with his ex

If this doesn’t cause jealousy, then nothing else will. This can be one of the most infuriating things a guy can do. Why on earth would he need to hang out with his ex?

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Being friends with the cute girl at his job

It’s okay to be friendly with your coworkers. But does it have to be the girl who is super cute and has an awesome personality too? He can surely pick another person to be friends with at work!

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Paying for some other girl’s lunch

Paying for someone else’s lunch is a cute and nice gesture. But most girls would say that this nice deed should be reserved for girlfriends only.

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Spending all his time with family

Now this one may seem a little petty. But there has to be a balance between his priorities with his family and his priorities with his significant other. When those get out of balance and lean more towards family, this can be pretty annoying.

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Doing unacceptable things on social media

Every couple has different boundaries for what is frowned upon on social media. But most would say that flirting with other girls online is a huge no. It doesn’t matter if it is someone he says is just a friend, being that this could all just be a cover up for cheating and infidelity.

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Speaking too highly of another girl

It’s great to be a gentleman to other women. That means you are dating a nice guy. But going out of his way to be really chummy and personable to another girl is a red flag.

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Being too chivalrous

Again, too much of a good thing is not a good thing! The occasional nice gesture is definitely fine. But being too nice to another girl could lead to some jealousy and suspicions.

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Spending too much time apart

We all need to have other interests like friends, sports, hobbies, and going out for fun. This is cool as long as too much time is not spent away from each other.

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Going out with other girls

This is a double-edged sword. If he’s going out with a big group and there are girls present, this may not be too bad. But a one-on-one hangout with another girl will really cause some problems.