8 Zodiac Signs Who Are Scared of Love

Ever since humanity has found out there are stars in the sky, we’ve been trying to make sense of said stars. Today, we’ve extrapolated this and identified that eight of the twelve Zodiac signs are somehow scared of love, for varying reasons. If you want to know what Zodiac signs fear the most when it comes to relationships, keep on reading.

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Gemini are perfectly capable of splitting up with their partner if things go south, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for them or they like it. They’re not really fond of making big commitments to other people and generally prefer to live a solitary life where they can do whatever they want.

8 Zodiac Signs Who Are Scared of Love


If there was ever a Zodiac sign that personified the concept of a rebound, it’d be the Sagittarius. They’ll be utterly depressed and heartbroken after a relationship goes bad, and then they’ll go on making the pain go away by going out and having fun with new people.

8 Zodiac Signs Who Are Scared of Love


After relationships with an Aries end, they’ll dive headfirst into a depression. They don’t recover as quickly as other Zodiac signs do.

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Passionate by nature, Libra are no different when it comes to their relationships. They’re headstrong and if you get on their bad side, you’ll be removed from their life permanently. They may give you a second chance for a small mistake, but don’t expect to get away with anything remotely serious.

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Self-confidence is the biggest problem with a Virgo. They’ll often be reluctant to accept a simple compliment and would much rather internalize all their feelings. In the mind of a Virgo, being open means you’re also open to being hurt. And nobody wants that, right?

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A Scorpio will deal with heartbreak the way you’d expect from a Zodiac sign that’s mostly known for being dominant and possessive: they’ll go in full OCD mode and stick to the most stringent schedule they can make that will provide them with the necessary diversions so they don’t have to come to terms with their own feelings. Sounds healthy, right?

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The thing that’ll hold a Leo back the most – apart from their partners turning 25 – is that they tend to dwell too much on the bad things. Once they get into that downward spiral, it’s hard for them to get out of it and reinvigorate their passion.

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Always looking to blame themselves for everything that goes wrong in the world, Capricorn will take the weight of the relationship’s failure entirely on their own shoulders. They’re known to overanalyze what went wrong and attempt to think of what could or should have happened if they hadn’t made certain mistakes.