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Investment Strategies Based On Your Astrological Sign

Who needs to set their own course in life when you can just rely on astrology to make all of the decisions for you? That’s what we all do at our writing office and you better believe our lives are richer and more meaningful as a result! I don’t know about you, but if my horoscope warns me not to leave the house, I put on a helmet and spend the rest of the day crouched under the dining room table. You know, for good measure. Using your zodiac to determine your financial investment decisions is also a pretty bold move. Why consult a seasoned financial advisor and pay hefty commission fees when you can just glance up at the stars at night? Check out these investment strategies based on your sign.

Best Investment Vehicle for Aries: Flexible Fund

Aries are very flexible in any given situation, so it is pretty obvious that you should invest in a fund that is described as “flexible.” This is a wide-ranging collection of different stocks and bonds that seek a high return and flex and change according to how things are going in the market. This investment is also very diverse, just like Aries themselves. How about that!

Best Investment Vehicle for Taurus: Common Stock

If you’re a Taurus, chances are you like to push others around. But, hey, it’s better than being pushed around, right? Common stock is right for you because, among other things, as a shareholder you have voting rights. This means you get the right to give the company’s board members the boot simply because you feel like it. And, boy, it sure does feel good!

Best Investment Vehicle for Gemini: Small Business

Geminis have an entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched! This is why you should invest your money in a small business. A nanny service, perchance? Or leasing private planes to wealthy folks who don’t want to fly commercial amongst all the peasants. No matter what business you start, you’re guaranteed to be a big winner!

Best Investment Vehicle for Cancer: Preferred Stock

Let’s be honest, Pisces, you love nothing more than staring out the window and daydreaming about being transformed into an indestructible cyborg. In other words, you have more important things on your mind than which stocks to invest in. This is where preferred stocks come in handy. You get your quarterly dividends and don’t have to trouble yourself with shareholder voting.