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5 Ways To Win a Guy Over

Getting us guys isn’t all that difficult; it’s keeping us that is the real challenge. As it relates to the start of a relationship, it comes down to keeping us interested and finding ways to surprise us. Even if we’re in love with you, we’re going to quickly discover that you’ve got flaws just like everybody else. This is why it is important to just be yourself from the beginning. But there are other things that you can do to win us over. Here are five ways to stay on our good side.

1. Figure out how we express our love

When it comes to showing love, we’ve all got our different approaches. For some, it’s all about words. For others, affection is what matters most. Some even quantify love in terms of deeds, such as making a romantic dinner or decorating the house. So if you’re somebody who expresses love through touch whereas he prefers thoughtful gestures such as ironing his pants in the morning, you might not be making the connection that you’re hoping for. Once you figure out what he appreciates the most, he will respond with the actions that are most important to you. Here are five different approaches that we guys love, depending on our preferences:

Words of Affirmation. Some of us desire verbal affection and praise as our sources of love. This means reminding us how important we are to someone. Finding ways to say “thank you” every day, and backing up these words with deeds will keep the relationship going with this type of guy.

Quality Time. For other guys, the sign that you love them is your eagerness to make yourself available. This means coming up with ways to spend time together — just the two of you. We aren’t talking about watching TV either as that’s a source of distraction. Rather, we mean designating a night where you get dinner together or routinely making weekend plans that involve fun couple activities such as biking or going camping. Just a few hours a week devoted entirely to each other makes a huge difference!

Receiving Gifts. This one is pretty straightforward: expressing love by giving us tangible items can make us feel appreciated. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. It could be something as simple as a piece of chocolate!

Acts of Service. Washing our clothes, vacuuming our living room, or spontaneously picking up some items at the grocery store so that there’s more than just beer and condiments in the fridge are nice gestures that make us feel loved and alleviate stress in our lives.

Physical Touch. This one might seem obvious, but not every woman is cuddly. If you aren’t generally an affectionate person but the guy you’re dating is, stepping out of your comfort zone and demonstrating that you care with hugs and kisses will keep the relationship stable.