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The Most Grumpy Zodiac Signs, According To Astrologers

Zodiac signs help us to understand more about ourselves and other people. Astrology tells us details about how we behave, interact with others and even feel about ourselves. What we learn from the Zodiac is that some signs are more moody than others. This can be hard to deal with as all Zodiac signs are different. Interpersonally communicating between signs is always a tricky situation because all signs have various ways of approaching situations and each other. But it is definitely a fact that some are harder to deal with than others. To learn which signs are a bit of a handful, check out the most grumpy Zodiac signs, according to astrologers.


Virgos are polite in many cases, but can end up being perpetually dissatisfied. Astrology blogger Jetter says that they are so disappointed all the time because they are constantly setting their expectations way too high. When things do not go their way, or they feel they are not being listened to, they can become extremely unpleasant. Somehow it seems that Virgos are always unhappy, and are overly critical of themselves and others. And if a Virgo is unhappy, they will make sure that everyone around them is unhappy as well from their constant, nonstop complaining and jabbing.

Cancer Pisces Scorpio Girl, Hairstyle

Another sign known for their emotional challenges is Cancer. They keep themselves protected by hard shells, and can be very reactive if they feel they are threatened or hurt. But they are not exactly confrontational, but would rather withdraw and retreat from the situation. They tend to hide their true feelings with immature jabs and sarcasm. Until you can get a Cancer to drop down their defenses and tell you how they are really feeling, get ready for a roller coaster ride shifting between absenteeism and major shade.