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7 Signs You’re Bad At Relationships Even If You Don’t Realize It

Getting into a relationship requires hard work. You need to make sure you’re doing all of the right things so that both you and your partner have your needs met. But people frequently behave in ways that they think are in the best interest of the relationship but actually create resentment. Here are 7 things you might be doing that are causing far more harm than good.

You are constantly “correcting” your partner’s behaviors

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in relationships where our significant other has habits that we find annoying. We’re not talking about major things like getting drunk in the middle of the day or otherwise acting inappropriately. When you’re constantly pointing out your partner’s flaws or telling them how to act, what you’re really doing is controlling them. Trying to make them conform to your ideals is not what love and intimacy are about.

When you’re upset with your partner, you keep them guessing about the issue

Let’s face it: there is no perfect relationship. When you’re living together, managing your money, raising your kids, and dealing with the stresses of life, it’s perfectly normal to get frustrated with your partner. However, there is nothing worse than being upset but refusing to address the problem or even deny you’re angry when it’s so obvious. Many people do this because they don’t want to be confrontational, but in the end it turns a routine issue into something even bigger. So speak up right away and find a resolution before it gets out of hand.

When they want to go out with their friends, you insist on tagging along every single time

On the surface, wanting to be with your partner all the time might seem to indicate that you love them and can’t stand being away from them. But as endearing as it sounds, it could actually be a sign that you’re codependent, insecure, and overly jealous. There are times when you need breaks from each other, even if it’s just to spend a couple of hours with your friends.