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7 Hobbies for Retirees That Can Actually Make You Money

When you retire, you have so much additional free time that it can become overwhelming. This is why it is important to develop hobbies to keep you occupied. After all, your golden years should be spent feeling content, not bored. Unfortunately, taking up new activities can get expensive depending on what you pursue. But there are ways to keep them revenue-neutral or even earn a profit. An additional benefit is that by taking up a hobby, it uses up time that would otherwise be used spending money elsewhere. With that in mind, here are seven hobbies that are not only enjoyable, but can actually make you money. Note: Do consult an accountant to find out if any earnings have tax implications for your Social Security benefits.


Investing in a boat and the fishing equipment can take a dent out of your bank account, but there are ways you can earn money that offsets these costs. For instance, some retirees take up a part-time job at a bass fishing shop not because they need the money, but because it allows them to chat with customers about fishing all day. In addition, being a fishing guide can also be lucrative. If you specialize in fly fishing, you could make $125 per day or more just in tips!


Playing golf every day seems to be the stereotypical goal of every retiree, but how about making some money from it to boot? Many work at the pro shop or assist at the driving range. As a golf course ranger, you could not only make around $25,000 in easy cash, you can pretty much play around whenever you want!

Pet Care

It can be difficult to work with pets if you’ve got a busy career, but for many retirees it can be a dream to turn their love of animals into something that makes them money on the side. For example, some have created dog walking and sitting services. Others have even opened doggy daycare centers. Here’s something to think about: a simple 20-minute walk with a dog can fetch you $20!