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10 of the Most Important Qualities Women Should Expect In a Guy

Finding the right guy is not easy. When you go on dates, it often feels like you’re dealing with a lot of weirdos and not enough mentally stable men. But as difficult as it is, you can meet the guy of your dreams if you pay attention to these signs.

1. He’s vulnerable

When a guy builds walls around himself, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with him. We live in a society where guys are encouraged not to display openness. But when he shows a willingness to step away from his comfort zone and open his heart to you, it’s a sign he’s a keeper. It’s also important that you do the same thing, by the way!

2. He’s assertive

You should look for a man who is willing to tell you what he wants. This is essential for any relationship to survive. The problem is, a lot of guys won’t do this. They might wish you would give them a back rub or foot massage, but they have difficulties with communicating their needs and desires. Ultimately, healthy couples aren’t afraid to tell each other what they need in order to feel loved and appreciated.

3. He believes in an equal partnership

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t treated as an equal in the relationship, it’s most likely because your partner wasn’t treating you with mutual respect. For thousands of years society was highly paternalistic, with women having virtually no voice in regard to economic, political, or even sexual matters. Times have changed, and you deserve to be with a guy who doesn’t feel the need to dominate you.

4. He’s protective

This one is an absolute requirement in any relationship. As a woman, you ought to be with somebody who makes you feel safe at all times. With the right guy, you should never feel like you’re in a position where you have to defend yourself. When you’re around him, you’ll always be okay.