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9 Ways To Attract The Guy of Your Dreams

What do we guys want in a girl? This is not an easy question to answer since there are certain personality traits that one man might find appealing but another finds to be a turn off. Nonetheless, there are things about a lady that virtually all men can agree on. They love women who love themselves; they want their date to have fun and enjoy life; while looks matter, don’t underestimate the importance of smarts. Looking to convince guys you’re worth their time? Check out these 9 tips!

1. Be Honest With Him

A lot of girls are worried about showing their vulnerable side at the beginning of a relationship because they assume they’ll come off as weak and insecure. For instance, perhaps you’re nervous because you’re going on your first date since a divorce. Or you’re getting ready to meet his parents for the first time and it’s stressing you out. Don’t force him to read your mind; if you don’t come out and tell him how you’re feeling, he might assume the issue is with him. These are perfectly normal feelings to have, and by giving him a heads-up, he’s likely to be sympathetic and give you the emotional support you need, which in turn will put your mind at ease.

2. Know Thyself

Who are you at the fundamental level? What are the things you love most about yourself? Perhaps you are a loyal friend or a wonderful sister to your siblings. What do you want out of life? If you know who you are, what you want, and make this clear to a guy, it eliminates a lot of the mystery at the beginning of a relationship and therefore strengthens your bond.

3. Don’t Pretend to Be Somebody Else

When a relationship starts, there is often a great fear of doing or saying something that will be perceived as “weird.” We simultaneously try to hide our weaknesses while trying too hard to impress. For example, you might not wear high heels very often, but you convince yourself that it’s necessary if you want to get the guys’ attention. While there is nothing wrong with trying new things or experimenting with different fashion statements, if it ends up making you feel uncomfortable, it’s eventually going to become obvious.