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14 Jobs That People Love The Most To Do

Being forced to work from home due to Covid has made more and more people question their jobs. We no longer seem to find fun in them, or we just want something else, but most people have no idea what job would make them happy again.

Thankfully for us, Harvard Business Review asked people whether or not they loved their jobs and came up with a list of jobs that people generally seem to love. Considering the average job satisfaction was only at 36%, these jobs should at least score higher than that.


I know, that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But apparently, a good 89% of all pastors are satisfied with their jobs. That said, 68% of pastors also noted that their job was pretty stressful. The biggest job satisfaction came mostly from the religious activities – as you’d expect – and education. Eventually, pastors help people find hope and faith.


The main reason why firefighters love their job is that they get the feeling they can actually help people and even save lives. When it comes to feeling like your job has meaning and makes a difference, there’s no real substitute for a job as a firefighter. Firefighters are our real-life Superheroes!

Physical Therapist

The biggest selling point of this job is that physical therapists get to go out and meet a large amount of people each day. This gives them plenty of social interaction, next to already being a job that is considered useful to society. Physical therapists are real heroes because they never give up and inspire others.

Kindergarten Teacher

Another high roller on the list, kindergarten teacher is another profession where 89% of people claimed they loved doing their job. I suppose it highly depends on your tolerance for small children, but at least most people that do it really seem to love it. They teach children with patience and creativity, and facilitate the intellectual and social development of the kids.


If you’re passionate about animals, this would also be a good job to get. Most veterinaries get a lot of satisfaction from their jobs, because helping sick animals is probably one of the most satisfying things in the world. Veterinary medicine is a career built on love.