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Relationship Experts on the Pros and Cons of Online Dating

With the world growing ever more digital and pandemics keeping us inside most of the time, the world of dating has changed forever. With a new paradigm come new advantages and disadvantages, so it might be a good idea to see how the online world has changed dating for people that are desperately trying to find their significant other.


Chat in Your Pjs

Gone are the days of having to spend hours choosing the right outfit when you’re going to meet someone. Modern dating requires nothing of the sort, and you barely even have to be awake to find a match these days. Just don’t fall asleep while chatting, that’s still going to be awkward if the other person notices. As long as your profile pictures are decent enough, you won’t need to play dress-up until so far down the dating rabbit hole that odds are you’re going to have a real fun date.

Choose Your Preference

A dating app is basically a huge bar where you’ve told the bouncer that you’re only looking for people of a certain shape, height and age. And if they don’t match the criteria, they’re just not coming inside. Real life sadly still doesn’t have these filtering capabilities. It’s hard to deny that real life would benefit from this kind of feature, pretty much in all aspects.

No Awkward Silence

There’s no such thing as awkward silences anymore! That’s the nice thing about online dating, you’re basically taking it at your pace and keeping the conversation going is a lot less high maintenance. Just text them every once in a while until you can go on the next date and keep the conversation going. Online communication doesn’t have that “I need to reply instantly” quality that normal conversation has, which also allows you to choose your words a bit more carefully if you’d like to.