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15 Fantastic Autumn Desserts To Try

With the cooler and wetter weather that comes with this season, dishes that are warm and hearty tend to be for the best. However, when it comes to desserts, warmer dishes are still ideal but also plenty of other flavors too. Consider some of the desserts below to enjoy this fall.


Carrot cake roulade with candied walnuts

Carrot cake is a wonderful dessert, however this recipe takes it with a different twist. Sweet cream cheese filling and candied walnuts, it’s a nice addition all around.



Chocolate lava pudding

A simple recipe but a delicious dessert to enjoy for those who love chocolate lava cakes.



Apricot pie with coconut crumble

The coconut crumble offsets that tart filling of apricot. Also, the toppings brown quickly due to the sugar that’s in coconuts, so be sure to rent it with foil after 30 minutes so it doesn’t burn.



Apple walnut scrolls

Simple recipe, but it’s worth being kind to your taste buds with this honey treat.



Chocolate and orange brioche pudding

Recipe: rich chocolate chunks tucked amongst brioche slices. Yummy!