31 Little And Cute Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend (2 of 6)

Cook his favorite food

It does not matter how good or bad you are at cooking. Having food cooked by someone we are close to makes us enjoy it more and gives us a sense of belonging. Surprise him with cheat meals prepared by you and he is surely going to feel blessed and return the favor.



Tell him about your family and upbringing

When we are comfortable having deep conversations with our partners, we are able to connect better. It is important that you feel okay with talking about your upbringing with your boyfriend.

If they are truly in love, they want to know you better and you must not avoid talking about each other’s families.



Phone him often

Phoning your partner may seem unnecessary, especially when you two start living together. But, talking over a call has a different feeling that is unlike seeing the person personally. Moreover, being checked upon assures us that our partner cares for us and we are on their mind. Ring him up someday and you’ll feel the happiness in your boyfriend’s voice.



Make his birthday special with a surprise party

No matter how old we grow, this idea never goes old. We all love happy surprises and when it’s our birthday, we are hoping someone makes the effort to make our day. Besides, planning a small party is not much trouble. Simply invite his friends and family a week in advance and make bookings for food delivery and house decoration. He’d feel lucky to have you in his life.



Sing a melody to him

It’s sweet, soothing, and pleasurable. Even if you are average at singing, trust us, you man will find your voice the best in the world. Set the mood by preparing dinner and lighting some nice candles. This might make him want to propose to you and make you his for a lifetime.

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