If You Disagree With Your Spouse On This, You Are Twice More Likely To Split Up (2 of 2)

Spouses usually find an alignment in the long term in terms of financial risk

Just like you would with every other aspect in a relationship, financial risk and attitude a person has change over time and they aren’t really lifelong characteristics. This study also noted that in the long term, spouses usually get themselves aligned with each other’s risk attitudes and adapt their views accordingly. In fact, this survey shows that the 2009 global recession actually made a lot of couples more fiscally aware and responsible in the long term, also decreasing the chances of them ending their relationship later on.

Serra-Garcia explains that preference assimilation is a great way to resolve any issue within a marriage. Because of this, most couples end up having a stronger bond than they did before.



Having a frank conversation about risk preferences in online dating medium could prevent potential heartbreaks in the future

The study also notes that the findings regarding financial appetite and divorce is a great tool to decide whether or not someone is a right fit for them. And with another report pointing out that more than one-third of all American couples actually meet online, the study suggests that asking simple questions in the dating profile on topics such as risk preference could help find a more compatible partner.

Online dating platforms are designed in such a way that you find the best match for yourself, and if the websites add the algorithms that factor in the risk attitude of people, it could potentially reduce the number of breakups and divorces people go through.

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