Actually Good First Date Ideas To Instantly Break the Ice (2 of 9)

Literature Readings

Specifically a literature or poetry readings. These types of readings bring up various talking points and allow you the opportunity to have a conversation around them. This can also help you understand more about the person and also their overall intellect.




It’s super early and weird to offer a couples rubdown, but there are plenty of other services that you can do. Side-by-side manicures and chair massages are the first to come to mind. These ease the nerves of you and your date and there’s also a nice atmosphere for relaxed conversation.



Open Houses

Depending on where you are living, there are a lot of people who are moving and offering open houses. A lot of these houses offer free snacks and drinks.

Obviously you’re not there to buy something, but for those looking for more serious relationships, this can give you an eye for what kind of future home your date would be interested in.



Comedy Shows

Comedy shows are a way to relax and ditch the typical dinner and drinks. Even if the comedy performance isn’t the greatest, there is still plenty that you can talk about afterwards.



Animal Shelters

If you’re a fan of animals, visiting a shelter is not that bad of an idea. It’s a way for you to see how your date interacts with animals and is also a way to show how affectionate they are too.

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