These 20 Items Are Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe If You Are Over 30

Getting old is something that is resented by each one of us alike. Apart from the obvious degradation it gradually brings to our general health and appearance, each year added comes with significant changes in the way we carry and present ourselves. With maturity kicking in, those butt-hugging shorts or skirts no longer make us feel our best. Not to mention the fact that getting waxed regularly now seems totally irrelevant.

Therefore, if you are over thirty or inching closer to the big number, you might want to give your wardrobe a makeover. You don’t have the extra time to waste deciding on what outfit to go for.

Having a closet with minimal but all the good stuff will help you immensely in making the right fashion choices appropriate for your age. We have compiled a list of 20 items that you have to have in order to sustain your inner fashionista.


Black Pumps

We’ll give you two reasons why you must invest in a pair of quality pumps. Firstly, they go with a lot of outfits – pantsuits, dresses, or even jeans. And secondly, your shoes are the first thing someone notices about you. They sure will be your safest bet when you want to make a good impression. And the color black? We don’t want you fussing over what color would go with what.



A good Roll-Neck Jumper

You can tuck it in your jeans or leather skirt, slide a sling bag over the shoulder and you are ready to head out for a business meeting or even a coffee date. It flaunts your figure without making you compromise on comfort.



A pair of quality Tights

The differently priced ones may seem alike but if you have to throw yours out pretty often, maybe going for the dearer one next time will be worth the extra bucks. You use them every now and then and don’t want to be embarrassed when someone points out a hole in your tights.




While your heels and flats come to use when you know your outfit is going to be noticed, sneakers are the best preference for running day-to-day errands. Be it grocery shopping or doing gardening, comfy sneakers will both protect your feet and keep you on your toes.



At least one Leather Skirt

How else would you flaunt your curves to the new hot colleague you can’t stop thinking about?

You can pair it up with a crisp shirt or a casual tee according to the occasion and be ready to grab whoever’s attention you want.