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20 Must-Know Style Tips For Everyone Over 40

Most people are comfortable with their likes and dislikes by the time they hit 40 and aren’t shy enough to let their preferences be known to the world. However, that doesn’t include one’s sense of fashion, as people over 40 find it difficult to express themselves – especially since a lot of folks genuinely believe that just because they are into their 40s, they should tone down their styling preferences. Stylist Brittany Diego points out that one can have a great sense of fashion at any age, and all one needs to do is to just look for some inspiration and figure out what makes you the most comfortable. If you are failing at making good fashion choices and want to give yourself more stylish looks the next time you step out, keep reading.


Heap up all the investment pieces

By the time one hits 40, the focus is already on quality rather than quantity when it comes to adding stocks to your wardrobe.

Diego points out that you must get rid of all the fast fashion pieces and focus more on stocking up on investment pieces such as coats, shoes, and bags. These are the items that can either make or break your outfit. Investment pieces are the ones that last longer, so even if you are shelling out more money upfront, you will reap the rewards for a long time.



Follow your favorite style icon

We all have that one style icon that we try to follow – and that is a good thing. You can use that inspiration to come up with a look that you find comfortable in your 40s. If you are unsure whose style best matches you, Diego suggests that you should flip a few pages in fashion magazines to find out which icon’s style interests you.

You can also take cues from celebs and try to figure out what attracts you towards their styling choices and then you can make your way from there, Diego adds.



Try out monochromatic looks

We all wish to add some gravitas to our looks by the time we hit our 40s. The best way to do so is by trying out a few monochromatic dresses instead of trying various colors.

Stylist Kendra Charisse Porter, founder of HonorYourStyle points out that monochromatic fashion works out best in subtle tones that give a timeless look, and colors like blue, gray, and black work best.



Draw up your inspiration board

Mood boards aren’t a thing you had to use only in high school. You can make use of the inspiration board to see what works best for you in terms of fashion choices as a person who is in his or her 40s.

And if you are tech-savvy, just go over to Pinterest and you have options to create a variety of inspiration boards for different styles that you are passionate about by looking up people of the same age.



Colored leather is a big YES

If you are not sure what that missing piece of your age-appropriate fashion puzzle is, just go for a colored leather outfit.

Porter points out that colored leather is one of the best ways to boost your fashion game.

Colors like navy, green, and burgundy in terms of leather jackets add a great sense of style and are a good addition to your wardrobe. If you are in a bold mood, you can even add vibrant colors in leather accessories to ramp up your style quotient. And there is a ton of vegan leather as well, so you can make it easy for the animals, too.