23 Summer Date Ideas You Just Cannot Afford To Ignore

There is probably nothing better to do than date during the summers. Basking in the warmth of the sun, wearing your favorite clothes, enjoying drinks during the day, and having sumptuous meals at brunch patios screams nothing but Awesomeness.

However, given that we are right in the middle of a global pandemic, dating in the summers might not be the same as it was in the previous years. So, instead of casually bar-hopping with your date from one place to another, grabbing some $4 dollar wine and relaxing in a park might be more like it – which, by the way, still sounds great!

So, while the restrictions are in place and we cannot roam around as we would wish to because of health recommendations, you don’t necessarily have to put a pause button on your dating life. Especially, since there are tons of things to do outside during the summers, sitting inside your room all alone cannot exactly count as fun. And let’s be honest, we are all fed up with the Netflix and chill routine by now!

Allow us to present some of the easiest, fun, and relatively inexpensive summer date ideas that you can use even during the harsh COVID times. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Be a DIY bartender for your date

If you are not trying out new drinks every summer, you are missing out on almost half the summer fun! There are so many awesome drinks to try during summers, and you can start by looking up some on YouTube or checking out some cocktail ideas on Pinterest. And you can upgrade the fun quotient by involving your date, too.



Enjoy a cute picnic date

It is time for our favorite kind of date – the picnic date. While it can be super chill, you can also try and go all out to make it more romantic. Irrespective of what you are planning to do, just make sure you have some essentials: snacks (a must), wine, sunscreen, a blanket, and a speaker.



Walking date

Walking dates can be super fun, not just because you complete your daily steps, but also because you get to talk about a lot of things. Plus, because you are walking side by side you can have frank conversations, rather than sit across your date and be intimated if it’s your first outing. Trust us, it can be super relaxing – so much that it probably is one of the best ways to actually get to know someone.



Go biking together

Okay, bike dates can be anything. You can make it super competitive and ensure both of you have a good workout, or you can just casually ride bikes around and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Our advice: drive in a place where you have not been before and enjoy all the freshness around. Just remember that it won’t allow you to have good conversations with your partner, so it is probably not a good idea if it is your first outing.



Enjoy drinks, on a roof

We all love enjoying drinks outside more rather than in our homes, and if you can get some drinks on a roof, like by a waterfront, then there is absolutely nothing better and romantic. The sweeping view of the city right in front of you while you sip your margarita – it is something magical and perfect. You can date on a rooftop watching the sunset and enjoy it with your date as a romantic experience.



TikTok drive around eating challenge

You probably already know this one. You can get in your car and whoever wins rock, paper, scissors gets to decide the place for drinks. Then, you play rock, paper, scissors again and the winner picks the appetizer. See where we’re going with this? You can do this for appetizers, drinks, and dinner to have a great TikTok drive around and eat challenge with your date. It not only solves the conundrum of where to eat, but also ensures you can take full advantage of your car’s air conditioner without risking your health outside.