Your Relationship Might Be Heading For A Breakup If Your Or Your Other Half Use These Two Words A Lot (2 of 3)

One partner keeps playing the victim

It is often difficult to see or acknowledge one’s own shortcomings and faults, especially in a relationship. This becomes even more so when you start thinking of your partner as the main culprit for the conflict you are facing. However, shying away from accepting your own faults in any issue and playing the victim will completely shut down any kind of productive talks you can have with your partner in order to resolve the issue, apart from making the other partner feel as if they are on trial 24/7.

Instead, one should try to listen to what their partner has to say and then analyze it from their point of view. It may give you an opportunity of connecting better with your partner, instead of damaging the relationship even further, adds Amanda Lopez, a licensed family therapist, and counselor.



One of you walks out during an argument

When you both are in the middle of a heated argument, it can always be a tempting idea to just walk away. However, walking away from your partner in the middle of an argument is nothing, but a disaster waiting to happen, says Lopez.

If you want to spend some alone time to figure out a disagreement, tell that to your partner before the issue arises, suggests Lopez. The idea is not to avoid the discussion, but to go away and cool down before coming back to have a calmer, logical conversation.