35 Clothes That Make You Look Way Older Than You Really Are

Regardless of if you’re 25 or 55, clothing will always be one aspect of your looks. But clothing can also be a huge determining factor for guessing someone’s age as well – for better or for worse. For example, you can have great physique, glowing skin, and luscious looks and people can guess how old you are. However, as soon as you put on an ill-fitted blazer or some outdated jeans, you’re immediately dating yourself.

Whether you are someone who wants to be looking younger or look your proper age, having a wardrobe that’s fitting for that age range should be a huge priority in your life. As such, we’ve put together many of the articles of clothing that you want to either curate or cut from your wardrobe entirely. Here is our list:


Shapeless blazers

Oversized blazers mask your overall figure and if you’ve been working to maintain it, these blazers can’t show off your efforts. Curate this for a more fitted blazer with colorful accents.



Non-tailored clothes

All professionally altered clothes simply look better than anything that isn’t, no matter the quality. Of course, getting clothing tailored can be expensive, however you can still get some simple alterations like getting shirts darted or jackets taken to the in-house dry cleaner, which is quite cheap.



Wearing the same clothes all the time

While capsule wardrobes are nice, you can be dating yourself if you have the same kinds of outfits that you go to every single day. Sometimes that’s not enough to excite you, and so it’s smart to alternate staple clothing with some hidden gems. You don’t need much – merely one statement item per day should be good.



Drugstore readers

Age naturally means that certain parts of our body stop working as well as before – such as eyesight – however it doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy cheap fixes for those problems. Take drugstore readers. If you want to be looking for frames that don’t date you, opt for bigger and bold frames that’ll highlight your face, rather than skinny and cheap ones.



Dressing revealingly

Taking pride in your figure is key, however even sexy clothing can be ill-fitting, as it could make you look like you’re trying too hard to find a younger version of yourself. There are much better ways to celebrate your body, so ditch the crop tops and tight dresses. Your goal is to have outfits that compliment your features.