You Are Totally In Love If You Notice These 32 Little Things About Yourself

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in love. You wake up with a smile on your face that gets even wider when your phone pings with their morning text. You look forward to each day and are grateful for your life. Everything seems to be in sync and you wish for it to remain the same forever.

However it often happens that, despite these positive signs, we can’t tell for sure if we actually love the person we are seeing. There is a thin line between attraction and love and it can be difficult to decide which side you are on. Is it just their charitable nature that’s keeping you hooked? Or, is it that you are only used to being around them but have no romantic feelings? To finally put all these queries going on in your head to rest, we have compiled a list. If you can relate to the below-mentioned points, you are hands down in love. Read on and find out whether your current one is ‘the one’ or not.


Checking their old Instagram posts is your favorite hobby

Given that we give out pretty much all that goes on in our lives on social media, it is an excellent place to know more about a person. And when you are in love, the curiosity reaches a whole different peak. Any extra time you get is spent scrolling their profile.



You want to recreate your favorite memories but with them this time

It could be traveling to a far off country or drunk singing in the street, you can’t wait to experience the same fun again and with them this time. It pinches our hearts if the person we adore is missing from our most cherished memories.



It’s on your mind to introduce them to your friends and family

Now, this is one big step and you won’t be willing to take it unless you are serious about them.

You want to find out what your close ones think about them and how well they would fit in your circle.



You can’t wait to acquaint them with all your likes and dislikes

It takes a mere one question on their part and you give out a list. The eagerness in you to make them the person who knows you better than anyone doesn’t just calm down.



Staying indoors and having nothing to do sounds like a better idea than going out

When in love, our goal is to spend as much time as possible together and, preferably, alone. It gives you the liberty to be your silliest without having to worry about being judged.