Virtual Date Ideas To Keep Your Dating Life In Check During The Quarantine Period (2 of 5)

Go for the love language test

This one is highly recommended! Take the love language test online and as you keep answering the questions, keep sharing them with each other to make it more fun. Not only will you be able to figure out what their love language is – which is quite important in a relationship – you will also get to know how they answer a particular question in each scenario.

We’re quite positive that relationships fail 99 out of 100 times because of mismatched love languages! Also, once you’re done with the love language tests, you can move on to the apology language tests next.



Exchange recipes

One of the most common things we all do during quarantine or rather ever is cooking. So, why not create a common Google Doc and share your favorite recipes. This would not only give you ideas to cook together on your date nights, but also help you know what your partner likes to eat or drink. Food is love, and cooking together with your partner can be a great experience during these testing times.



Fix up a virtual fancy date night

Dress up in an all-black for date night because dressing up and not going outdoors can be a good way for you to show your partner how amazing you look. This can also be a good excuse to apply some makeup, try your favorite dress, and video chat with your partner and have fun.

You can also set up some light, jazzy music, light some candles, and have a bottle of champagne by your side to make it even better. To make it even more awesome, order surprise foods for each other and eat together via video chat.