35 Beautiful Facts About Love That You Never Knew Of

Words literally and always fall short to describe the feeling of being in love. You are overjoyed and life finally seems to be on track. Each day brings happy surprises and cherished moments.

Little gestures of concern from your special one free you of all your troubles. At the same time, the comfort of having someone to confide in the deepest secrets is unmatched. The long, late-night conversations are just what’s needed to relax the mind. You pray for it to keep growing and getting stronger.

It goes without saying that the influence that love has on our lives is bigger than it gets credit.

No wonder there must be many interesting facts about it that we may have never heard of.

Read further to learn about the several magical powers and secrets of love.


The effect of love is similar to that of drugs

Remember the restlessness you feel when you don’t get to talk to your loved one for the entire day? It’s due to the fact that you are addicted to them. You can’t keep calm until you have got your daily ‘dose’ of them. Similarly, spending romantic time together gets you high just the way drugs do as per The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The happy hormones – dopamine and oxytocin gush to every cell in your body and you want the ecstasy to never subside.



Remarriages are becoming increasingly popular

Gone are the days when people stayed in unhappy or toxic marriages for the sake of children or remaining committed. Love has acquired a higher priority, and for all the right reasons. Owing to true love, we are now witnessing more and more people separating and happily remarrying.



It’s the biggest reason behind marriages

This is no wonder. Why else would you commit to being with someone until the end of times?

While there are obvious human needs for companionship and having offspring, you won’t make a decision as big as settling down unless you are certain that you are with the right person. As per a survey conducted in 2013 by Paw Research Center, 90 percent of the respondents said to have married for love.



Hugging your love instantly lowers stress

Isn’t it true? No matter how difficult a problem we are in or how our day is going, a tight, long hug from our special one immediately soothes the mind. A study conducted at The University of North California found that hugging releases oxytocin in the body. It is this very hormone that helps in lowering stress. Therefore, you may be having the best of minds to get you out of your situation, but nothing can match your lover’s presence and assurance. Anything seems resolvable with them by our side.



If your heart’s happy, it’s healthy as well

As hard as you may find it to believe, it’s backed by research. Couples who are in a happy, contented relationship have lesser chances of acquiring any sort of cardiovascular disease.

Feelings of fulfillment and calmness invariably allow your heart and even the other organs to perform optimally.