17 Expert Tips To Keep Your Marriage Strong And Blooming During Quarantine

Irrespective of how solid you think your relationship is, being trapped inside your homes for weeks and months non-stop with the same person can push even the strongest of relationships to a breaking point. From the thought of being trapped inside your home for months to the mental stress coronavirus is taking on people’s minds, it is not exactly surprising that countless couples are having troubles in their relationships and those that are already troubled are finding it even tougher. To be a better spouse during the quarantine, follow these tips religiously and you will be able to keep the romance going, no matter how long you find yourself trapped inside your homes.


Do things separately

Just because you are sharing the same physical space as your partner does not mean everything you do has to be a team task.

Taking time to do your own thing can go a long way in keeping things fresh for both of you, points out Nikki Winchester, PsyD, and CEO of Cincinnati Center for DBT. You can do anything from playing a video game alone to taking a bubble bath or watching a movie your partner isn’t really interested in.



Think from your partner’s point of view when you are frustrated

It is quite normal for anyone to feel frustrated these days, but when you try and visualize things from your partner’s point of view, you might be able to understand them better and avoid misunderstandings and futile disagreements.

Winchester points out that thinking from your partner’s perspective will let you understand the situation better, and avoid fights. We often tend to be tied up in our experiences, but we also need to understand what our partner is feeling.



Make physical space for yourself

No matter how small your apartment is, making some space for yourself – and doing the same for your significant other – can really help your relationship a lot.

Apart from adding things that make you happy in your space, Gina Marie Guarino, who is a mental health counselor, recommends that you even use it. You should use this space as often as you can in order to destress from all the pressure going around due to the quarantine.



Use “I” sentences

It is understandable that things will boil over at times and there will be fights, but if you aim to be a good partner during the quarantine period, it is important not to lose your cool and try to converse with your partner in a calm and composed manner.

Instead of using words like “you shouldn’t” or “you should”, you should instead say something like “I am really bothered by” or “I would prefer”, points out Winchester, who further adds that doing that will ensure your partner is in a better position of understanding your point.



Check in often

Just because you both are living in the same physical space for the entire day does not mean your partner is always feeling well. Taking some time to check how your spouse is feeling can make them feel loved and appreciated.

You can check in on them in the evening, morning, or whenever you feel is the best time to do that, adds Winchester. She also suggests that you are being honest in the communication about how you are actually feeling, instead of just saying “I’m fine”.