9 Must-Have Items To Make Your 2021 Cozier (2 of 2)

Heated Blankets

On the note of duvets, blankets also work in a similar fashion. They can get definitely warmer and make you feel comfier for sure. The only issue is that they could be a fire hazard and the last thing you want is to find comfort only to burn yourself. If you’re the type that loves blankets no matter what, this is a good cozy item for you.




Even though getting friends and family together over a campfire right now isn’t a good idea, you can still enjoy them in your own relatively small bubble if you have the means of getting one started. Campfires are known for their comforting ways amongst other warmth and soothing sounds.



Nap Dresses

One fashion trend that’s been on the rise are nightgowns being treated as day dresses. It’s a wonderful lounging wear to consider. The only kind of drawback is hiking the dress up in order to pee in the middle of the night. If that doesn’t bother you, you can add this one to your wardrobe.



Monochrome Rooms

During a time where people are striving to be more minimalistic, one idea that’s started picking up is having an interior design follow the exact same color. From the furniture to the carpeting/floor, rugs, and walls. They’re all meant to be of the same color.

For some people, they could find some comfort in aspiring for that sort of design. This might be especially helpful if you’re someone who already has a capsule wardrobe.




Our relationship with wool is a bit weird. It’s itchy and there are much better options for blanket material like faux fur and cashmere. But we’d argue that in some cases, going for wool is much nicer.

Either as a way to cover up an armchair or use it as an extra padding under a non-itchy blanket.

Wool can provide additional coziness that can be appreciated.