Little Gestures Of Appreciation To Make Your Significant Other Feel Loved

Expressing and communicating your love in meaningful and fulfilling ways to someone else is always a  struggle. And this struggle is true in any case, be it expressing love to one’s parents, friends or making love to one’s partner. Albeit you may be expressing affection to your partner frequently, but you might not be taking pain in understanding the way in which your significant other wants it. If you find yourself discovering that one primary language of your significant other, you may want to learn about the Five Love Languages authored by Gary Chapman. His theory is based on one basic thing that every individual has one love language that they prefer over other ways of feeling loved. And if you learn to speak your partner’s love language, you get one step closer to win them over again. According to Dr. Chapman, these languages revolve around gestures of touch, words of appreciation and affirmation, kind acts of service, gifts, and some great time together.

If kind words or getting a compliment means the world to your spouse, then their primary language may be words of affection. Conversely, your spoken praise and admiration will fall like rain on parched soil. If receiving your undivided attention is your better half’s primary love language, a cozy afternoon spent lazing around alone with your partner will do the wonders. If “actions speak louder than words” is true for your partner, nothing will speak more deeply and emotionally than simple acts of service. If a warm hug or a gentle gesture of touch is what your partner prefers, then cuddling on the couch with some wine and Netflix might be your jam. However, finding the dominant language may be difficult, but worth a bit of trial and error. And that’s for what we are here. We’ve curated a list of some basic, yet most meaningful words of affirmation that can make your partner feel significant, loved, and appreciated.


Gratitude for almost everything they do, and especially – for them being in your life

Saying “thank you” might seem like an obvious suggestion and a simple thing to do.

But life gets in the way and the partners too often forget or think it’s not significantly that important and this thinking is flawed. Trust us, a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Expressing gratitude simultaneously makes your partner feel valued and builds the relationship stronger. It takes very little effort, but has enormous outcomes and makes it clear that your partner is worth your investment.



Providing a sense of support and belief to your partner

Think of the last time your boss congratulated you on a job done well. Hearing another person seeing and appreciating our hard work, efforts feels extremely validating, especially if it’s genuine and assuring. It makes the person feel understood and noticed. Next time you see your partner having a hard day at work, just a simple acknowledgment of the fact will bring comfort to them.



Praising your partner’s actions

A little bragging never hurts. And if you truly love your partner, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss any chance to talk about them in public. It’s never bad to steal a moment and compliment your significant other in public. Maybe you could appreciate their amazing cooking skills or their great taste in music? And the list goes on.

Everyone likes to be bragged about, but when it’s done by the significant other, it feels on cloud nine.