Cool Jobs You Must Try In Your 20s (2 of 4)

Become a Sales Executive

If you love talking to people and you’ve completed your Bachelor’s degree, sales can be an amazing department for you. A career in sales demands great hustle and much hard work. If you’re ready to work hard, a job in sales can get you in the money-making business at a young age. All companies have a department for sales, your job will vary according to the type of company you work in.

Some sales jobs can need you to travel, some can need you to make cold-calls, but you’ll have to be numbers-oriented and bold to perform well. Being a sales executive can be an amazing task for a person in their 20s, as it can help you earn good money at a small age while climbing up the corporate ladder.

When you’re considering becoming a sales executive, the first thing you’ll have to do is decide what exactly you would wish to sell. Software, some physical product, ads, can be a few options, but the possibilities are really endless. Next, you’ll have to look for positions in sales departments like sales development or sales coordination.



Become a Marketing or Media Coordinator

If you’re into creative stuff and understanding works, you can find interesting jobs in marketing or media. These fields are flooded with young people who are enthusiastic and creative. All companies have their own marketing and media departments to grow their businesses. Usually, you can land these jobs if you have little experience. In the job profiles related to marketing and media, you’ll have to focus on promotions in business, while keeping in mind the costs for the organization.

If you want to use your creativity while enhancing your business and analytical skills, marketing is just the perfect job profile for you. If you’re looking for basic jobs related to marketing and media, look for roles like media planner or marketing coordinator.



Become a Social Media Manager

If you’re guilty of wasting a little too much time on social media, you might as well turn it into an earning opportunity. Companies these days are hiring people who can manage and grow their social media profiles. If you apply for a role like a community manager or social media manager, you’d have the responsibility of building the organization’s fan base through social media. You’d have to plan posts, create content for customers, interact with potential customers, and much more. Being a community manager is an exciting way to work for an organization.

We all know the impact of social media on our lives is increasing day-by-day, so it’s only natural that the demand for community managers and social media handlers will only increase with time. With such an interesting job profile, you can get so much experience, and if you do well and produce the desired results for the company – you’ll definitely be in demand.