Detailed Guide To Help You Flirt Effectively Through Texts (2 of 2)

If you can’t exactly figure out whether they’d be comfortable with flirting via text, a comparatively safe way out would be to drop a text when they’re alone in their home. Did they reciprocate equally flirty? Or did they shy away? Did they get awkward? If you feel like they didn’t respond with equal excitement, you could follow up with a, “Hey, sorry if that was too much”, and take the conversation some other way to avoid awkwardness in the future.

Okay. Let’s get to actual tips now.

How exactly can you go down the flirt road?

Well, the CEO of Select Date Society, Amber Artis, asks to start with witty wordplay, because it offers endless topics. You can talk about a tv show, a music artist, a popular film, anything.

For example, if someone from the dating app asks you for an online date, you could say some witty thing like, “Will see you on Saturday… as long as you don’t really prefer Friends over HIMYM.”

Next tip: Don’t start sending those long paragraph texts right away. If things go well, there will come a time for them. But right now, at the start, keep the texts simple and short. The trick is to start with humor and make your way to deeper conversations. Also, stop with the “wyd” already.


Always remember: humor is the key. Use gifs and memes when you run out of words. Also, if you can’t find the right words to say something sweet and sexy, you can always rely on song lyrics. And if both of you are comfortable going dirty via texts, Eliza suggests putting into words some arousing imagery of the things you’re fantasizing about and sending it with a plain old “you down?”

Now, what about the don’ts of the flirty wordplay?

Don’t overdo exclamation points and emojis. Apart from being grammatically incorrect, too many exclamation marks make you seem overly excited, which can be a turn-off for the person on the other end. And emojis are great if you know where and how many of them to use.

Also, you can have witty debates for as long as you wish, but you never have to be a spoilsport or a Grinch. Keeping it positive and cute is what Trombetti suggests.


Still can’t put words into flirty sentences? Don’t worry. We’ve got some text inspiration for you.

Trombetti suggests texts, which are def flirty, but not too straight. For example:

  • Hey gorgeous, I dreamed about you last night and can’t resist turning it into reality.
  • If you were alcohol, what type of cocktail would you be? Something sweet and strong…or something that hits hard?
  • I had an amazing time with you yesterday. So excited to do it again.
  • What emoji do I put in your contact name on my phone?

Gonzalez suggests texting something related to their Instagram post or their picture on the dating app:

“That dress would look amazing on the bedroom floor when we meet.” Or “You’d look even better without the outfit.”

Eliza recommends more straight-forward texts if both of you have reached the level of comfort:

  • Can’t stop thinking about you. Wish you were here kissing me.
  • Recalling what we did last night has got me asking for more.
  • Let’s Netflix and chill…without Netflix.

This is it for the advice we had to enable you to blow your crush’s mind with texts. Now take your shot and good luck!