Why Is It Necessary To Sanitize Your Social Media After A Breakup? (2 of 2)

It’ll give you some closure

How are you supposed to move on if your social media is filled with cute couple pictures of you and your ex? To finally put a full stop to things, you need to stop seeing their pictures over and over again. According to Canwen Xu, deleting their pictures can symbolize a fresh start.

Closure is one of the most important parts of the moving on process, says Wyatt Fischer, marriage counselor. Sanitizing by deleting all evidence related to your ex from your social media account can help a great deal with closure. It can be a great way to close that chapter of your life.



It’ll open up a world of new opportunities for you

According to Xu, people sanitize their social media accounts to let people know that they’re not taken anymore. If your social media is stuffed with pictures of you with your ex, people will never know that you both are not a thing anymore. This is likely to make people refrain from sliding into your DMs. But now that you’re single, you should let others know about that. So, sanitizing can also induce newer prospects for your love life and who knows – it might bring something nice.

We hope that it must now be clear to you why ‘cutting all ties’ is better than ‘remaining good friends.’ As difficult as it may be to erase those memories, you have to take the big step if you truly want to get on with your own life.