The One Main Thing Based On Which Men Judge Their Potential Dates

Do you find yourself nervous before going on a date? While some women fuss over choosing the right outfit, men tend to worry about how to keep the conversation flowing or being judged for your personality, job, or your looks. After all, we all want to make a good first impression. While first date jitters are something that everyone suffers from, we have found the one thing that your date might be actually judging you for.

A recent study conducted in October 2020 concluded that more than a third of the men surveyed tend to judge their date on the basis of – wait for it – the credit card!

So why are men preoccupied with the card their date uses? We investigate!

The Numbers

As per the study, which was led by Iris – a popular matchmaking app – on more than 1,000 single people from all over the US, just about 33% of those surveyed admitted that they have made a decision about their dates dependent on the sort of credit card they owned.

However, men were significantly more distracted with the kind of card their date swiped with than ladies: a staggering 45 percent of men confessed to making a decision based on the card their date used, while just 16 percent of ladies admitted to the same. Hence proved that men are more judgemental!

What can a man decode by the plastic you own?

So if you are wondering what possible Sherlock Holmes detective skills do men possess, we got you covered.

We spoke to a financial expert to help us figure this out and here’s what they said. It all boils down to the kind of card you have – say, for instance, if it is a credit card that offers frequent flyer miles that would mean that you like to travel. This may actually be something your date enjoys as well and that could provide a common ground. Having a rewards card could show that you are proficient with your financial planning.

Another possible reason could be to evaluate the monetary status of their date. By looking at the credit card, men might be trying to gather information about how financially adept their date is and this might decidedly impact their assessment of how a date went.

Well, ladies the next date when you see your man peeking in to see what you are swiping, be warned – they might just be attempting to catch a glimpse of the card you own.