This Simple Piece of Advice Can Reduce Your Risk of Getting a Divorce by 40%

All couples search for the secret behind a happy, successful married life. Adopting this one habit either before or after you seal the deal can unlock the key to a lasting life of bliss. Read on to find out what this habit is!

Living together as a married couple can cause a lot of challenges, but the transition to the new life can be smoother if you set the right precedent in your courtship time. A marriage that stands on a strong foundation will help you weather through turbulent times. Couples need to establish channels for open and meaningful communication on all aspects of life from parenthood to figuring out shared finances. This may seem time-consuming, but it is essential to make your marriage a partnership built on understanding and trust.

A recent study further strengthens this fact with findings that suggest that divorce rates are slashed by 39% if the couple dated for 3 years before marriage, compared to couples that were together for one year or less before tying the knot. We find out how a long dating period helps you stay together!

As per a study published in Social Science Research Network, those couples who had dated for an extended period of one to two years before making a commitment were 20% less prone to separate later than those who dated for less than a year. This number jumps to 39 percent when considering couples who dated for 3 years.

These findings come as a clear wake-up call to couples who want to dive into marriage after a quick whirlwind romance. The time when two people are dating helps them to really understand each other. A couple forms a bond based on understanding that strengthens with the passage of time. Over time, we get a deeper sense of knowing our partner. Experts warn that jumping into matrimony with someone you haven’t known for long can create rifts later on when you realize that you two aren’t right for each other. Marriage is a serious lifelong commitment and a decision that you can’t be hasty with.

The early phase of each relationship is the time when we tend to see only the ideal characteristics in our partners and gloss over their flaws. As time passes, you start noticing little things like how they interrupt you when you are with friends or how they try to guilt you into sex. Most relationship experts concur that we require 3 years to know enough about someone in order to decide to marry them or not.

This long period of courtship not only helps you spot any red flags, but also helps you to ease into the relationship. Each step from your first vacation together to meeting the parents becomes more pronounced, more exciting and you value it more.

Marriage is a life-changing amazing experience with more adventures yet to come. But it is also among the most significant decisions you make as an adult. So keeping that in view, it is well worth the caution and the wait till you reach that level of comfort with your partner and marriage is just the next step in a long series of adventures!