Expert Tips That Will Help You Find More Time For Self-Care

We all know the importance of self-care, also known as the “me” time, at least in theory. But when it comes to practicing it, quite a few people do accomplish it while others are clueless and fail to get around it. This is especially true for people who have a super busy schedule, and find it extremely difficult to make time for self-care activities such as meditation, hitting the gym, writing about their day, or even getting proper sleep. But, that’s the whole point of self-care: you need to make time for yourself especially if you are a busy person. Further, the way COVID has impacted our lifestyle, the importance of self-care couldn’t be more than it is right now.

According to the chief yoga officer of CorePower Yoga Heather Peterson, self-care should be seen as a multiplier of time. Irrespective of whether you set aside just five minutes for a quick meditation session, an hour on cooking food, or a couple of hours practicing yoga daily, you rebuild your focus and energy. And that very energy is channeled back into your work and personal life. In fact, making time for me-time every once in a while ensures that you can build up energy and improve your productivity. And guess the amount of positivity and mental peace it will bring to you if you follow this throughout your lifetime, adds Peterson.

So, even if you are already sold on the fact that you need some “me” time for yourself, whether it is through meditation, trying some relaxing beauty products, or write something in your journal, it is still a long and difficult path to actually accomplish it. In this article, we’ve compiled some expert tips that will help you make some quality me time for yourself.



Set the tone

Oftentimes, what’s stopping you from making out the time for yourself is the fact that there is no line dividing your personal day with the rest of the day. To counter this, you first need to clearly define the time that solely belongs to you and the rest of it for other daily work. For instance, Lyn Lewis, owner of Journelle shares that she likes to slip into her pajamas as soon as she reaches home. Doing that can bring about an immediate impact on your mind, telling you that you are now away from work and can relax. Plus, wearing comfortable clothes helps you be at ease.

So, even if you have a lot of household chores that need to be taken care of, or anything else, wearing something comfortable and luxe will help you feel relaxed, which can make a whole lot of difference to your lifestyle.



Divide your self-care time

In this era of constant work, most people are extremely busy throughout the day, and finding even one full hour daily can seem to be an impossible task. This deters people from having a self-care schedule for themselves, which hampers their overall health. To counter this, you should try splitting up your self-care schedule into smaller bits of time.

For instance, looking at your workout schedule in bits instead of the whole can help you appreciate the process, even more, shares Peterson. So, you can go for a core routine that only takes about five minutes in the morning. Then, you can try walking around your cubicle at regular intervals during your office hours. Though you will need more time all through the week to exercise and stay fit, splitting up time allows you to feel at ease with your self-care process without feeling overwhelmed.



Set an alarm for bed

One of the most common reasons why people fail to have some “me” time is because they often wake up late. Try waking up earlier and that will automatically free up some time for your self-care routine. But what happens when that affects your sleep hours, and you are someone who likes sleeping a bit late? In order to get sufficient sleep of at least eight hours every day, you should create a mental note of that bedtime hour that will cover your sleep hours and then set an alarm for an hour before your bedtime, suggests Lucas Catennaci, a leading fitness trainer. This alarm is a sort of a winding down alarm. It tells you that you need to brush your teeth, turn your phone on the silent mode, and reflect on how your day went by writing in your journal or reading a good book. Just having this little me time before bed will help you get a good sleep, and will also allow you to wake up early.