10 Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (2 of 6)

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Your portion sizes are too big

Sometimes we all neglect to measure our food portions, or I tend to overestimate them. While measuring every meal may seem tedious, it plays a crucial role in managing your food intake and ensuring you consume the right amount of each food group. By taking the time to measure your portions, you can monitor your food consumption more accurately and assist your body in recognizing when it’s satiated.

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Your sleeping habits are poor

In our hectic lives, finding time to exercise is already a struggle, let alone squeezing in enough hours for quality sleep. If you’re finding that your weight loss goals are stalling despite your efforts, your lack of sleep could be a major factor. Dr. Lisa Shives from Northshore Sleep Medicine explains that inadequate sleep can disrupt appetite control and trigger the release of hormones that boost hunger, making it harder to manage your weight effectively.