8 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy even when you feel motivated. There are times when you think you’re making good eating decisions, but it isn’t translating into lost pounds. It is possible that you are taking advice that is either outdated or just plain bad. As a result, you aren’t reaching your goals. Here are 10 reasons why you aren’t shedding the pounds no matter how hard you try.

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1. Focusing solely on the scale

Stepping on the scale is the most obvious way to check your progress, but it doesn’t tell the whole picture. There are several things to take into account when measuring your weight, including the amount of food in your system, fluid fluctuations and even hormonal changes that affect water retention. It’s also possible that while you’re losing fat, you’re gaining muscle. So if you step on the scale and discover that you’ve actually gained a pound or two even after you feel you’ve made progress, don’t despair! Measuring your waist and noting that your clothes are fitting much looser are also positive signs, no matter what the scale says.