How to Lose Fat While Minimizing Muscle Loss

Although losing weight is an admirable goal if you want to become fit and healthy, you need to be careful not to lose muscle as well. Losing weight safely while maintaining muscle mass is key, especially if you want to improve your fitness level. So how can you drop the pounds without losing muscle? Check out these suggestions.

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How to lose fat

Losing fat is easy…at least on paper. Your goal should be to burn more calories each day than you consume. This can be achieved by eating less, but it increases the likelihood that you’ll lose muscle along with fat. It isn’t possible to target specific parts of your body for fat loss, but you can decrease your overall body fat percentage. Don’t rush things. Making it a goal to lose 10 pounds a week is not only very difficult, but it can also be dangerous. Instead, aim for one or two pounds.

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How to maintain muscle

The best way to lose fat while maintaining muscle is through a combination of caloric reduction and working out. Push yourself to increase your fitness, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to run 10 miles if your body is only capable of 3. Likewise, don’t cut your calories down to a level that leaves you feeling constantly hungry. Strike the right balance.

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Schedule recovery time

Gaining and maintaining muscle isn’t achieved when you are actually working out; it happens when your body is recovering. Don’t plan intense workouts everyday. Instead, alternate by having “light” days and “heavy” days of exercise. Also, make sure to get enough sleep.

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Eat healthily

Although you want to include “good” fats in your diet, including the kinds found in fish, nuts, and olive oil, you want to limit the amounts of saturated fats and incorporate both protein and fiber into your diet. Much like fat, these keep you feeling full throughout the day but without any of the harmful effects.