Hate Dieting Or Exercising? Try These 11 Tricks And Lose Weight Easily

The infinite number of merits that come with a fit and lean body has made it a must for our health to take a step up on our ladder of priorities with each passing year. We are now conscious of the importance of making good food choices more than ever before. There can be hardly any person who would not have attempted to make the right changes in their diet and resolved to invest a decent amount of time each day working out on their bodies. But, how long have you been able to keep up with this diet and exercise plan? Have you reached your desired weight by now? The answer to these will be in the negative for over ninety percent of us. It’s not hard to explain why. Our jobs are demanding and so are the many challenges we face on the personal front. Finding the strength to exercise after having busted all our energy in an office chair may become impossible after a week or two.

So, how about we start by making a few simple changes in our habits and ways to improve our health gradually and without straining ourselves by even the slightest? We are not kidding you. There are several mistakes you may have been making and are unaware of their impact on your general health. Read on to find out 11 things you can make a part of your lifestyle to avoid putting on excess weight and being a host to many health complications.


Go for high-fiber foods

There is a good reason why foods generous in fiber are advised to those seeking to get in shape. Due to their high-fiber content, they are digested slowly by our bodies, thereby, keeping us feeling fuller for longer.

There is a variety of fiber called viscous fiber which is even better when your aim is weight loss. It is for the reason that it makes a gel-like substance on reacting with water. This gel extends the time our body takes to absorb nutrients and thus, we don’t feel the need to turn to unhealthy snacking.

Beans, oranges, brussels sprouts, asparagus, oat cereals, and flax seeds contain viscous fiber in ample quantity. You can also get yourself a bottle of glucomannan, a supplement, to reap the benefits of this magical nutrient.



Chew well and take your time

This is something we have been hearing since our childhood days but haven’t yet put into practice. We are often so preoccupied with our thoughts that we barely pay any attention to the quality and quantity of our meals.

Chewing well is so stressed upon because it takes time for our brain to process that we have eaten enough and need to stop. If you eat slowly, grinding each bite properly, you will feel full sooner and would not munch on any excess food. Not only that, but proper chewing improves digestion too.

The time you take to finish a meal directly affects your weight. A review was conducted recently of some observational studies and it laid down in its report that those who eat faster are more prone to putting on weight and becoming obese as compared to the ones who eat slow.

Sounds boring and difficult to put into practice? Counting the number of times you chew each bite may help.



Use a smaller plate when eating unhealthy foods

This may not make sense to you now but you will agree with us once you start using smaller plates. It is so because the smaller the plate, the larger the serving looks and the sooner you feel full. On the other hand, even a bigger serving looks insufficient on a large plate which prompts you to either load more food or go for a refill.

To use this to your most advantage, you can grab a big plate if the menu laid out is healthy, otherwise, always choose a small plate.