How To Lose Weight Faster And Make The Most Out Of Your Workout Sessions

Working out has its amazing benefits, from keeping your blood sugar level in check to releasing all your stress in the form of sweat-it acts as a universal healer.

But at times no matter how hard you train, you just find yourself at a loss. Have you ever wondered why you aren’t able to see significant changes in your body even when you have been pushing yourself hard through your weight loss journey? Or why haven’t you shrunk into a smaller dress size already, even after working out for all these months?

Chances are that there are a few subtle, yet critical points which you might be missing. A lot of factors affect the output regardless of the input you’re giving, such as your diet, the exercises you do, and the duration. If you want to know how to lose weight fast and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle; you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 ways that can help you work out more efficiently, and make the most out of it.


Don’t let your BPM fall

Taking a time-out between your exercises for about a minute or two is necessary and commendable. But extending those two minutes to twenty is certainly not going to help you in any way. When we exercise, our heartbeat increases. The more you can maintain it at a higher range, the more it works hard to pump blood throughout your body which in turn burns fat.

So, every time you sit for a minute and scroll through your WhatsApp in the name of a ‘small break’ and extend it to almost fifteen minutes, your bpm goes low. Your body cools down and by the end of fifteen minutes, it would have reached its equilibrium.

To get your body back on the grove and your heart rate elevated back again, you’ll have to work harder.

So, once you reach your fat-burning zone, stay there. Avoid coming out of it in the name of a ‘break’. It’ll make all your huffs and puffs go in vain.



Find out the exercises you really love and do them more often

Even if you hate weight-training but force yourself through it for thirty minutes, you’d still lose weight. Point being, every exercise you do will surely reap your benefits even though you love doing them or not. So why not surf through your choices and pick out your favorite ones and do them better?

A lot of people cry at the sight of a treadmill, a lot of others hate lifting weights. Chances are, you’ll find out your preferences in the very first week of your weight loss journey. So, if you find yourself loving cardio, keep doing it and do some more. Better yourself at it. Or if you like lifting weights, better yourself in that!



Don’t forget to cut your body some slack

Your body takes care of you. It walks you places and is the sole reason you’re alive. Don’t be too hard on it. Don’t forget to take rest once in a while. If you are working out for an hour or so throughout the week, rest on a Sunday afternoon and binge watch some series on Netflix.

Pushing your body way too hard can cause some serious injuries. Whenever you work out, make the most out of it. Keep going till you’re drained but when you’re resting, make sure to give your body enough relaxation to recover itself from muscle sores and ab aches.

It’ll only energize you to work harder the next time you hit the elliptical.



Scales can be stealthy, forget about them

Scales can be deceiving when it comes to measuring your weight. When you shed fat, you build muscle automatically. Whenever you stand anxiously on the weighing machine, don’t lose heart if you find yourself staring at a greater number than before.

At times you tend to gain muscle mass instead of body mass whenever you are losing weight, because of muscle development. So next time you feel like crying in a corner because you’ve just discovered you gained four extra pounds, relax. As long as you see your clothes that used to fit you are getting lost, you’re good to go!

Also, studies have shown that a fluctuation of one to six pounds happens daily. You might have drunk three extra liters of water today, or might be feeling more bloated than usual. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve grown fat. Concentrate on your diet and your workout routine, not on the scale!



Cardio will never let you down

Hitting the gym and swiping your credit card spending a chunk load of money to earn that membership might not always be possible. You might be in college still surviving on your Starbucks salary, or a struggling adult trying to make a few extra bucks. You can be tight on cash, but that shouldn’t stop you from working towards your goal.

You probably won’t have access to all the high-tech exercising equipment but you can always run around the block. Or bicycle to-and-fro from your work. Or maybe even opt for the stairs instead of the lift wherever you can make such a choice.

If you ponder long enough, you don’t desperately need a gym membership to get you started. If you are reading this article, chances are you have an internet connection. Head onto YouTube and pick out a few ideas and follow through. Basic cardio exercises are always free.