20 Most Popular Nutrition Myths Busted: You Can Now Stop Following These Without A Second Thought (2 of 5)



Go for non-nutritive sweeteners

The growing number of people asking for low carbs and sugar-free foods has led the companies to come up with newer and healthier versions of their older products. These are known to contain non-nutritive sweeteners as a replacement for sugar. We all are aware of the importance of avoiding added sugar but the negative implications of non-nutritive sweeteners are unknown to many.

Regular intake of NNS for a prolonged period causes negative changes to your gut bacteria which, in turn, is amongst the factors responsible for diabetes.

It’s noteworthy that research in this regard is underway and, in the time being, it’s suggested that we must leave out both NNS and added sugar.



You are healthy only if you are skinny

We aren’t sure who is to be blamed for ingraining this notion in our minds – those people who are constantly bullying us, or the ones passing down the long know conventions of beauty? Whichever one it may be, it up to us to understand that being skinny isn’t synonymous with being healthy. The difference is simple. Being healthy means you eat a balanced diet which comprises everything in apt proportions. On the other hand, being skinny means having a lean body. It could be that someone may be both skinny and healthy and it could also be that they might be depriving themselves of food for long periods to maintain their shape which is in no way a healthy choice.



You can have fiber supplements to compensate for low fiber in your diet

It can’t be more stressed that natural sources must be opted for whenever possible as they are absorbed better by our bodies and the risk of us getting side-effects is nil. And when it comes to fiber, there is no need to turn to supplements for you can get your fiber needs met through foods itself.

You have to stop depending on packed, ready-to-eat foods though. They are generally made with refined grains and have a negligible amount of fiber. An excellent option is eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. It’s best if you eat them raw or partially cooked. Other means to augment your fiber consumption is to for whole grain or multigrain options as opposed to the processed, refined ones.



Skip the white potatoes

There are delightful, filling, and one of the things you hate about being on a diet is that you don’t get to eat them anymore. But who said you have to?

By now, it should be pretty clear that having any food in large quantities can either make you gain weight or be harmful in some other way. However, if you have everything in moderation, even your favorite white potatoes, you have nothing to worry about.

White potatoes are also a good source of fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C and are best hard boiled or roasted along with other veggies. You can also drizzle some olive oil for a better taste and texture.