13 Things You Will Be Surprised To Learn Could Be The Reasons Behind Your Weight Gain

Losing that unwanted mass of fat hugging onto your belly isn’t as easy as it feels like on the first day of your weight loss program. The intertwined aroma of pizzas and pasta coming from the office canteen fills your mouth with saliva and your brain with thoughts of why attempting to lose weight is a bad idea. You have to be motivated all the time and fight your urge to not munch on those snacks packed with calories and bad cholesterol. This doesn’t end here. The thought of having to get up from the comfort of your couch and going to the gym sounds like a milestone to achieve even after months of doing it on an everyday basis.

We can imagine how discouraging it would be if you have been putting yourself through a strict diet and exercise regimen, but do not get the results. We have put down thirteen reasons, which may be acting as hindrances in your transition to a healthy body.


Your Oral Health

It may be hard to make out the correlation between your oral health and physical fitness, but the two are indeed linked. When your gums are inflamed due to lack of proper oral hygiene, such inflammation gets spread to different areas in your body. This, in turn, causes it to store fat making you feel tired, stressed, and devoid of motivation. Doesn’t flossing sound all the more crucial now?



You eat straight out of the container

Are you one of those people who think it is unnecessary to head to the kitchen and look for an appropriate-sized dish when you can just break open the packaging and gorge? You have to give this another thought. You can’t tell how much quantity you have eaten if you consume food that way. On the other hand, plating it gives you a better idea of portions and dissuades you from overeating.



You are stressed

Achieving peace of mind was never as hard as it is in today’s day and age. Our tight schedules don’t allow us time to engage in stress-relieving activities. When we are stressed, our body produces more cortisol, which raises glucose levels, leading to weight gain. Even an hour of doing your favorite hobby can lower stress significantly.