20 Doctor’s Tips For Great Sleep (2 of 5)



Cut Nightly Exercising

Along with caffeine, exercising at night is not smart. While exercise is good for you, remember what happens after you’re exercising. You get a lot of energy. Energy that your body doesn’t want to use up at night.

Remember when night falls, your body is shutting down. The last thing you want is to fill your body with more energy.



If You Need Coffee, Try Mushroom Coffee

We get that drinking coffee for some people is something they can’t stop immediately. That’s okay. Instead, we’d encourage you to find a replacement. Our suggestion is mushroom coffee. It contains only half of the caffeine in a typical cup and it has plenty of antioxidants too.



Or Try Some Nuts

Another alternative food is having some nuts. Not only is it healthier than other snacking options, nuts also contain ingredients to help you sleep better.

One study found that those eating nuts regularly, fill their body with sleep-inducing nutrients. They also make your brainwave frequencies strongly associate with sleep.



But Don’t Eat Too Late

Of course we need to be eating, but for better sleep it’s worth looking at when you are eating. According to the Cleveland Clinic, if we eat two hours before going to bed, we’re going to have a rough time.

Why that is is because whenever there is food in our body, our digestion system goes to work. This creates quite a bit of discomfort whenever we go to lay down.