9 Food Items You Should Avoid If You Care About Your Teeth

The pearly white teeth enhance one’s personality while the stained and tainted teeth can downgrade one’s overall appeal. You can ensure the whiteness of the teeth by choosing the right meal. Tough to keep your teeth white and clean one can also adopt certain measures such as brushing with baking soda, use Apple Cider Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide at a certain period of time. Here is a list of 9 foods items that should be avoided to keep teeth white and clean



Consuming tea and coffee can stain the teeth as they contain tannins. Moreover, the acidic property of coffee can damage the teeth especially when the PH level of the mouth is low. Therefore, one should avoid regular intake of such drinks.




The dark color of soy sauce stains the teeth. The mouth should be rinsed soon after having a meal with soy sauce as one of the ingredients. This can help prevent staining of the teeth and keep the shine intact.




The stains caused by the red wine are hard to remove. Red wine contains tannins and has acidic property capable of damaging the enamel. Red wine, however, can prevent built up of cavities.