25 Unusual Facts About Human Body

While we’ve certainly grown used to our bodies, there are still some pretty unusual things about them and how they develop. For example, did you know that babies can only see black and white? Or that one strand of hair can live up to 7 years on our head? There’s a lot of these unusual facts, but they’re also so fascinating too that we just have to share some with you.


1. The only reason the acid in our stomach doesn’t eat through our body is because our stomach cells are renewed faster than they are destroyed.



2. Our stomach acid is so acidic that it can dissolve razor blades.



3. If you eat too much food, your hearing won’t be as sharp.



4. By the time you turn sixty, you will have lost half of your taste buds.



5. In order for us to taste something, our mouth needs to dissolve it in some way. Try drying off your tongue before eating a piece of candy and see what happens.