10 Ways To Feel Younger

While there is no way to permanently prevent aging, unfortunately, there are changes that we can make to our everyday lifestyles and our routines that can alter the way that you feel. You won’t feel like you’re twenty years older than you actually are – you’ll feel revived and ready to take on the rest of your years. So, what are those changes? Keep on reading to find out!


1. Positivity is key

Emotional health is vital to your overall health; if you urge yourself to lean towards more positive thoughts – even if it’s difficult at first – you can change so many of the surroundings for yourself. You can be more sympathetic to those around you, understanding that everyone has their own life and challenges to face. You’ll also have more energy to get out and about and achieve more physically and mentally.



2. Protecting yourself in the sun

Your skin can be the giveaway to your age if you don’t look after it properly. But that doesn’t mean that you have to invest in creams – just watch what exertion you put your skin through. Too much exposure to the sun can reduce elasticity in your skin, cause wrinkles and sunspots. So, take sunscreen with you wherever you go – most sunscreens also come with moisturizing ingredients which will help heal damaged skin.



3. Re-evaluate your relationships

Something that can cause undue stress in your life and therefore aging is being surrounded by the wrong people. Sometimes, we can grow comfortable with the people around us without realizing how toxic they can be. Take a seat, take some time to yourself and think about what the people around you bring to your life. If it’s anything negative consistently, consider pulling back from them. Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t enhance it.



4. Eat a healthy diet

We’ve already mentioned how vital good health is to look young and good health can be determined by what you eat. You are what you eat – so eat wholesome and healthy foods that bring nutrients into your body. This can make you more mentally aware, help you feel better emotionally, prevent diseases all while keeping your hair and your skin looking supple and therefore youthful. Bring together all of your favorite foods and replace anything unhealthy with nutrient and vitamin-rich foods.

5. Walk every day

Even though some days it may be difficult to convince yourself to leave the house, persuading yourself to do so can change many areas in your life. It circulates your blood, improves your mood, helps you to lose weight and enhances productivity.



6. Keep your mind active

Similarly to muscles, our minds need to be used frequently to ensure that they are kept healthy. Instead of sitting doing nothing, instead opt to read a book or learn a new skill; even talking to someone can keep your mind more active than if you’re just lounging on the couch. This will increase the strength of your mind, keeping it creative and active.



7. Be social

On the subject of talking to others, ensure that you surround yourself with people as often as possible. Being isolated from society has been proven to bring an early onset of diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia and can reduce your mental strength overall. Stay interested and active in your social groups – do things you enjoy and you’ll be on the way to a much happier life.

8. Get the right amount of sleep

There may be times when you’re busy enough that you think you don’t have time for sleep but you need to ensure that you get the full 7-8 hours a night. During the night, your cells rebuild and repair themselves – but they can only do that if you’re asleep. Otherwise, your body is running like a car without gas.



9. Lower your stress levels

Stress can be one of the biggest factors when it comes to aging. Long term stress can bring on its own health problems such as depression, anxiety, and fatigue – all of which can have an effect on your physical appearance, too. Try and stay calm, focus on your thoughts and remaining positive. Make some time for yourself, take a bath – whatever it is that helps you unwind, do it.



10. Hold onto your future

It’s hard at times to remember that everything is only temporary. If you hate your job, you need to just wait until something better comes along. If you’re in a failed relationship, there’ll be someone better waiting for you. It sounds cliche but it’s true – your future is bright and if you hold onto that, you’ll look bright, too.


So, there you have it. No matter what stage you are at in life, making these few changes to your lifestyle will ensure that you hold onto your youth. Try them gradually if it seems too much at once – and you’ll see results in no time.