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Got Toe Jam? We’ve Got Solutions!

Folks, it’s time to talk about that jam betwixt your toes. It’s possible that you’ve never given it much thought. Or perhaps it is a persistent problem that you are constantly dealing with. If you’ve got the dreaded toe jam, it might be time to, you know, wash your feet more regularly. Or re-evaluate your footwear choices. If it gets serious enough, it can actually lead to major health problems.

So what is the deal with toe jam?

Technically, toe jam isn’t a formal medical condition. It’s the gunky stuff that you find between the toes that’s a combination of dead skin cells, sweat, sock lint, dirt, and whatnot.

The texture can vary between something like a crumbly coffee cake or something more like a paste. Yeah, gross. For some, toe jam stinks whereas for others it is completely odorless. In terms of color, it ranges from white to brown.

If you wear closed-toe shoes in a hot environment or the footwear is made of material that isn’t breathable, it increases the odds of getting toe jam. If you neglect your feet when bathing — gotta scrub in between those toes, guys — you are also more likely to get it.

Got hyperhidrosis? This is a serious medical condition in which you sweat excessively, and it is also a common culprit that leads to toe jam. Other factors include your life stage. For example, children and teenagers are more inclined to have sweaty feet due to highly active sweat glands.

Want a good case of athlete’s foot?

It goes without saying that bacteria thrives when it’s given a chance to live in an environment of sweat and dead skin found between the toes. It’s warm. It’s moist. It’s dark. And just plain cozy! As a result, catching tinea pedis — commonly known as athlete’s foot — comes more likely.

If you’ve got soggy, white skin between your toes that is irritated and red, you’ve got a problem that needs to be solved. If ignored, you can develop fluid-filled blisters and even bleeding. Although toe jam and athlete’s foot are not one in the same, we’re saying that failing to take care of your toe jam problem can lead to athlete’s foot or even worse.