What’s Up With Those Weird Red Bumps On Your Skin?

It’s the beginning of summer, and you’re meeting up with friends wearing your favorite summer dress or t-shirt. You glance in the mirror and to your horror you notice you’ve got these little bumps on your skin. Most of them can be found on your arm, although you might see them on your thighs as well. So what is that all about? Should you be worried? Should you scrap your evening plans, cover yourself in a blanket and maintain a fetal position? Of course not! Although these bumps might not be the most pleasant things to look at, we can say with great confidence that you will not only survive the ordeal, your life will return to normal once you start treating it.

Queratosis Pilaris, Joint, Gesture

What is keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin bumps”)?

The skin condition that causes these bumps is known as keratosis pilaris, or “chicken skin” if you prefer. The culprit is blocked pores. Most of the bumps are reddish or brown, although some might contain a tiny whitehead, somewhat resembling a pimple. Don’t improvise and mess around with these buggers. It is best to find a proper treatment solution, which we will discuss in more detail below.

The good news is that you shouldn’t be feeling any itching if you’ve got chicken skin. However, if you do, it means you’ve got other issues such as hives and the like. When you first notice the bumps, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist and get a diagnosis. Once it has been determined that you have keratosis pilaris, the doctor will provide you with the right course of action to take care of the problem.