7 Ridiculous Fad Diets to Avoid At All Costs

Looking your best is a common goal to have for many people. But it is easy to fall victim to diet trends and fads. Losing weight or changing your physique does take discipline, but you have to find out what works for you and your body specifically. Following extreme diets may give you quick results, but they don’t usually have a lasting effect. Trendy, outlandish diets stress the body and sometimes cause you to gain more weight back than you had when you started. Some diets, in particular, are just not a good option when trying to healthily change your physique. Do yourself and your body a favor, and check out these 7 diet trends to avoid at all costs.

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The Baby Food Diet

With the baby food diet, the idea is to only eat baby food every day. Up to 14 jars of baby food are allowed a day, which is by far not enough nutrients for a grown adult. Baby food itself is not formulated to contain enough sustenance for the needs of adults, as babies do not need as much protein and nutrients as adults. The higher metabolism of fully formed humans quickly burns off puréed food. Additionally, the act of chewing food secretes nutrients from our meals that may otherwise remain inaccessible to our bodies. Operating at a deficit of nutrients and sheer volume in food by way of baby food will almost guarantee your body will gain weight again once back on a normal eating regimen.

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Red Bull Diet

This diet is not only ridiculous but very harmful for your body. People on this diet replace meals with energy drinks, with the notion that the caffeine and added junk will suppress the appetite. While the appetite may be lessened, your body will be craving actual nutrients while on this diet. This will trigger your body to go into survival mode, forcing it to retain as much fat as it can muster — meaning you will end up gaining weight in the long run. Overall, this diet will make you gain weight, slow down your metabolism, and put you at risk of developing adrenal fatigue.

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The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

The Apple Cider Vinegar diet is actually a classic diet, but is still just as dangerous as it has always been. This method of dieting is actually effective at helping you lose weight. It is the byproduct that makes it unhealthy. The diet works by drinking one to three tablespoons of vinegar with or before every meal. The vinegar slows down insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar, in turn aiding in weight loss. But this overindulgence of vinegar can make the stomach and digestive tract very acidic, and dangerously burn your throat.