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4 Reasons To Add Meditation To Your Workout Routine

Mind Body Project is a recently created gym in New York that combines fitness with the last thing that you’d expect – mindfulness exercises. To many fitness enthusiasts, this practice comes off as bizarre – why should there be guided meditations in a HIIT class both before and after exercises?

Setting aside the skepticism of this practice and actually giving it a shot can reveal simple reasons for why this practice can be so helpful to people.


The Long Moments Of Stillness Aren’t Just A Workout

The gym we’ve mentioned above creates an atmosphere to promote these guided meditations: a dark room with some strips of LED lights to light up the dark room, sounds of wind chimes and bells too. Even so, this can still work in other settings too.

After all, the practice of meditation can be done anywhere and the effects of meditating can still be gained. More specifically in the instance of exercising and getting your mind and body to relax.

Meditation isn’t just about maintaining a still position for a period of time. There are a lot of mental aspects at work too.



There Is More Fluidity To Your Motions

The gym practices HIIT movements, which are simple movements done quickly with very few breaks occurring between each movement. HIIT is an incredibly effective training technique, but the big downside to it are of course the few breaks that you take in between them.

Part of that can stem from a lack of breathing properly. And it’s here where meditation can shine. After all, the practice does demand that you breathe at a steady pace and can train yourself to breathe better all around.

This results in more fluidity to your motions as you will be able to get through the exercises better than simply jumping into them.